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Surface Engineering Associates Wear Resistant Coatings

Flat rolled processing of cold steel or aluminum products can involve trimming, slitting, pickling, galvanizing, painting or temper rolling. Coils are unwound, processed and then rewound. Expanding arbors, or mandrels are used to grip these coils during processing. The wedge surfaces within these mandrels are made of bronze, iron or steel and grease lubricated.

has developed a retrofit system involving pad inserts, selective diffusion coatings and dry film lubricants which allows these mandrels to operate "grease free".

TRIBOLITE® coated wedge pads are installed with shims to make up for wear loss. The coated pads are non-galling and can operate without third party lubrication.

This sliding segment has been imbedded with self lubricating inserts, which deposit a transfer film on the opposing surface, eliminating the dependence on grease lubrication.

Mandrel - Before

Mandrel - After
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