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Surface Engineering Associates Wear Resistant Coatings
For many industrial applications the job of friction control is presumed to be handled by lubrication. While this often works, friction losses through lubricant films are a common cause of wear and equipment failure. has developed a class of lubricant films which are bonded to working surfaces and live "under" the layer. Along with the bearing treatments mentioned above we use these bonded films on Bronze components to reduce friction and improve life.
These steel mill "slippers" are used in large rolling mill drive shafts, require frequent lubrication, and still fail in around 6-8 weeks. The application of a dry film coating to the bronze surface, with no change in lubrication practice, results in a service life of 6-8 months, and the reduction in friction has been evidenced by as much as a 20% drop in motor current.
Steel Mill Slippers
Steel Mill "Slippers"
Electro-Spark Tungsten Carbide Cladding
Electro-Spark Tungsten Carbide Cladding
There are also occasions when more friction would be desirable, for instance on steel mill winding reels where strip "traction" improves performance. has used an electro-spark tungsten carbide cladding to increase the coefficient of friction as well service life.