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Surface Engineering Associates Wear Resistant Coatings

Aluminum Industry: (Steel Industry)

Ingot reheat furnaces for hot rolling are of 3 basic types: Soaking Pit, Car Bottom Batch, or Continuous Pusher. Pusher furnaces consist of 2 parallel rails within the furnace, and a series of skid castings or "shoes" which carry the ingots through the furnace. The friction and wear between the rails and shoes at 1000/1100°F has always been a chronic problem.

Worn shoes can be repaired with NICOLITE, or new shoes can be clad during manufacturing. Wear is reduced by a factor of 10 or more and friction is reduced by half.

New or used rails can be coated with TRIBOLITE® 21, which provides a glassy film, self lubricating oxide layer and a 1000°F hardness of 55 Rc.

Inserted pad type rails can accept TRIBOLITE® coated replacement pads. The steel core under the coating resists cracking and chipping associated with P/M pads.

Worn Shoe - Before
Worn Shoe - Before
Worn about 3/8"
after 6 months service
NICOLITE Clad Shoe - After
After 2 years service
Worn Shoe - Before
Spray and Fuse
NICOLITE Clad Shoe - After
Coated Rail

Steel Industry: (Aluminum Industry)

Continuous annealing lines for stainless steel strip use "catenary" rolls to support the 2000°product as it is pulled through the furnace. Mineral fiber or ceramic composite rolls were previously the industry standard. In the roll position shown here, the ceramic rolls had a maximum life of 6-8 weeks. The TRIBOLITE® coated roll has a service life of 3 years or more. TRIBOLITE® coated rolls are now in use at 9 stainless steel plants in the U.S. Domestic and worldwide interest is increasing rapidly.

The typical life of refractory roll is 6-8 weeks.

Annealing Furnace Roll
Annealing Furnace Roll
TRIBOLITE® coated roll in same position after 3 years
Caster Roll Cladding
Caster Roll Cladding

Continuous caster rolls provide containment and support for rapidly solidifying slabs and billets. The cladding material must have high temperature strength, thermal cycle fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance. The TRIBOLITE® clad roll shown here has out performed the previously used traditional claddings, well enough so that the bearings are now the weak link. (See Innovative Bearing Systems Page)

Thin slab casters use long tunnel furnaces to store and reheat slabs before rolling. The unique design shown here is expected to solve the life cycle problems associated with the current refractory/tire composite designs. The spiral welded TRIBOLITE® cladding provides the wear resistance and high temperature strength necessary to convey 2200° F steel slabs.

Tunnel Furnace Roll
SEA roll in third position with 2 standard rolls in front
After one month of service
Tunnel Furnace Roll
Same rolls
After 4 months of service
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