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Surface Engineering Associates Wear Resistant Coatings
Innovative Coating Applications

Traction and compression dictate the life of the pinch rolls which feed strip into tube forming operations. Strip edges tend to cause more wear on the roll surface, which can lead to marking during strip width changes. The TRIBOLITE® 21 coating has eliminated this problem and extended life cycle by a factor of 5 or more.

Tube Mill Pinch Roll
Tube Mill Pinch Roll
TRIBOLITE<SUP>®</SUP> Coated Seal Ring
TRIBOLITE® Coated Seal Ring

Radial lipseals are used in power transmission products to protect bearings with lubricant loss and contaminant intrusion. Seal wear accounts for a large percentage of bearing failures when these two objectives are not maintained. TRIBOLITE® coated seal rings reduce seal wear by providing a superior counterface for oil lubricated sliding against the elastomeric lip.

Intermodal rail freight systems have put new demands on both rails and cars. The "slackless" articulated connector has taken the backlash out of car-to-car connections, but wear control and maintenance of this mechanism is vital to the performance of these systems. has used PTA welded TRIBOLITE® on the spherical ring component, and ongoing tests have indicated superior wear resistance.

Spherical Ring Component
Spherical Ring Component

High temperature coatings are usually paints or thermal sprays designed to insulate a metal component from hot gas or a hot environment. Their performance is a function of the insulative ability of the coating.
has designed a thermal spray coating designed to reject applied heat rather than merely insulate against it, by increasing the emissivity of the target surface. This coating can be used on heat shrouds of all types, pillow block bearings in furnace applications, or any place where radiant heat needs to be mitigated.

Uncoated Piece
This sample is an uncoated piece of steel which was targeted by a burning torch for one minute, and shows how quickly the heat was absorbed enough to melt the steel.
Tribolite Coated Piece
This is a piece of steel which was coated with the Tribolite Radiate emissivity coating, but in this case the torch was held against the steel for three minutes, and it can be seen that melt failure was only beginning to start after two extra minutes. Torch temperature was about 4000 deg F, well above the melting point of the steel.
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