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Surface Engineering Associates Wear Resistant Coatings
Problem Solving Case Histories
CH 2118:
Thermal spray coatings used in developing a world class roll technology for stainless steel annealing furnaces.

CH 2119:
Welded and fused claddings have been developed to reduce wear, chatter, and friction for the shoes and rails in aluminum pusher furnace.

CH 2101:
All rolling mills use rollers and guides for control of the products moving through the mill. has developed a family of coatings which have greatly prolonged the life of these rolling mill guides for many customers.

CH 2102:
The "FENCR" process can eliminate the use of lubricated bronze components for a wide variety of bushing , bearing , and liner applications. Treated mechanisms such as roller chain can also be operated grease-free in many instances.

CH 2103:
In all machinery, something called "boundary layer lubrication" happens when working surfaces collide through a film of lubricant intended to prevent such collisions. has developed lubricants and coatings designed to operate with low friction and wear under these boundary layer conditions.

CH 2104:
For some applications such as mandrel segments, drive rollers and grippers a slightly textured surface can offer performance advantages. has a metallurgically bonded tungsten carbide cladding which has done very well in providing increased friction where needed.